Alliance Cost Containment team members during their Solar Eclipse party

In the span of just a few short years, Alliance Cost Containment (ACC) has transformed itself into an award-winning, fast-growing business that is turning heads in Louisville (where it is headquartered) and all around the country. Already named one of the best places to work by Louisville Business First, Alliance Cost Containment was named Small Business of the Year by GLI, and is also one of the Business First nominees for Business of the Year 2017. And if that weren’t enough, the company is poised to expand with new hires, new services, and new products.

The business of Alliance Cost Containment

For the unfamiliar, Alliance Cost Containment is a leading provider of cost reduction services. They leverage their collective knowledge of markets and technology, and by establishing national purchasing agreements that aggregate purchasing volume across industries. This results in the company significantly reducing costs which builds enterprise value for its clients. Achieving impactable savings requires dedicated and experienced subject matter experts for each savings category. ACC offers cost-saving solutions in 35 different expense categories. Their services are in high demand and the company is expanding to satisfy its fast-growing client base.

In an initiative to add to their client diversity and to continue to grow the business, Alliance Cost Containment has also established strategic relationships with mid-market private equity firms. ACC helps these clients make informed decisions about their portfolio of companies by consulting on operational and cost efficiencies.

Alliance Cost Containment has also founded several industry-specific Group Savings Organizations (GSOs), which combine spending across multiple companies within the same industry. For example, the YMCA GSO, created by ACC, combines spend across 66 associations for a total of 1,895 YMCA locations. That allows GPO, to negotiate lower prices on common goods and services like fitness equipment, janitorial services and office supplies. The savings give the member YMCA locations an opportunity to invest additional funds in local programs and other community services.

Seeking additional expertise

Alliance Cost Containment’s expansion into new markets, and the acquisition of new clients, requires the company to hire additional talented employees to meet demand. Within the next year, ACC is planning to hire dozens of new employees, many of which will be located at the Louisville headquarters. The new positions will fulfill the administrative and operational needs of the company, including sales executives, client project managers, category managers, administrative professionals and data analytic specialists. Other available positions will concentrate on industry-specific procurement professionals, which will be assigned in Louisville and in satellite locations around the country. Already recognized as one of the best places to work in Louisville, Alliance Cost Containment prides itself on a dynamic team-oriented collaborative work environment. Employees looking to develop professionally are encouraged to participate in seminars, conferences, and other continuing education services. In many cases, ACC will go so far as to reimburse the cost for these programs.

Unlike most of their cost reduction competitors, employees at Alliance Cost Containment are assigned to specific clients and not just cost-saving categories. Teams assigned in this way develop close professional relationships with clients, which often lead to operational insights that the competition cannot match. This also means that team members have the opportunity to take on roles that lie outside the boundaries of their position title, creating a dynamic work environment that may change significantly day to day as the clients’ needs change.

Modern benefits

Besides encouraging employee growth and professional development, Alliance Cost Containment also provides a variety of modern and progressive employee benefits, including a flexible paid-time off policy (i.e.,unlimited vacation!). The Flexible Time Off Policy (FTO) encourages employees to take a step back from their work responsibilities and make time for life activities outside the workplace. FTO gives employees the power to take time off for vacation, children, illnesses, and all of the other events life sends their way.

What’s next

If you are searching for a career with a modern, progressive company operating in a collaborative team work environment, then you should consider what Alliance Cost Containment has to offer. The company needs smart, talented, and self-motivated employees with skills that complement a dynamic, challenging, and above all, satisfying workplace.

If you believe you have what it takes in both talent and temperament, check out their open positions on their website or request information about the job opportunities.