Life can be uncertain, scary, and, for some, even dangerous. At the very least, many of us experience pivotal points that literally change the course of our lives and, as in the case of Appriss and its VINE program, the lives of others.

No one knows this better than Yung Nguyen, who with Michael Davis, founded the Appriss company in 1994.

An immigrant’s story

Yung Nguyen

Nguyen was born in Vietnam but fled the country after the Fall of Saigon. In the 1980s, he and two friends attempted to walk and bike across Cambodia and Thailand. His friends were arrested and imprisoned, leaving Nguyen to finish the trip alone. He ended up at a Red Cross refugee camp.

At the refugee camp, he was given the opportunity to choose where he wanted to go next. He chose the United States. He was driven to succeed so that he could help his family back in Vietnam.

It was at the University of Louisville’s engineering program where he met Davis, a fellow student who shared his entrepreneurial spirit.  The two were planning on going into business together when something happened that changed the course their lives would take.

The birth of VINE

In December of 1993 a young woman names Mary Byron was killed in Louisville KY on her 21st birthday, exposing a fatal flaw in the justice system. Byron’s ex-boyfriend who had been serving time for her rape, was (unbeknownst to her) released from prison. He was waiting for her when she left work and shot her six times at point-blank range.

Yung and Davis were immediately drawn to this horrific crime, and to the family who was sure that the information of the killer’s release could have saved Byron’s life. Yung and Davis decided that this problem was one they could help solve. They built the nation’s first automated victim notification program, called VINE, and established the company that would become Appriss.

Davis calls Nguyen’s story the perfect immigration story: “It’s as simple as this, without this immigrant story there is no Appriss, a company that has provided many thousands of families their jobs and livelihood over the past 23 years. A company that has paid many tens of millions of dollars of US taxes, and contributed in so many other ways to making this country a better place to live. Where would we be if Yung Nguyen had been turned away at the airport simply because he was coming from the wrong country?”

And the story doesn’t stop with Yung Nguyen. Today, Appriss has grown into a diverse organization with offices in the US, London, and Poland. They employ immigrants from around the world that they, and their customers, depend on. You’ll find immigrant team members all the way up and down the organization.

Appriss is an American success story. Its employees, and the people they do business with, represent a melting pot the same way that our nation does.

Big data and good works

While the concept of big data has been around for a while, it’s only recently that organizations are seeing the value of capturing and analyzing the data that streams into their business. Data analytics is a hot science right now and is exciting for those people who like to study data to detect patterns and trends.

Appriss is in the business of data analytics, but is using it to solve major problems and to make the world a better place. If you want to do what you love but be a part of a greater mission, Appriss may be the place for you.

What’s next?

Appriss is always looking for new talent. Are you interested in learning more about career opportunities at Appriss? Email the company’s Human Resources team here.

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