Sometimes it’s hard to get in to see a doctor when you need to, or to get your children an appointment; not to mention the cost can be difficult to swallow. But if you work at one Louisville company, you can just walk down the hall from your office, and enter a wellness center where most of the services for you and your family are free.

Appriss, founded in 1994, which provides state-of-the-art technology and data-driven solutions that help thousands of local, state, and federal agencies, insurance companies, healthcare providers, pharmacies and retailers, is also an innovator in employee health.

In 2010, Appriss opened a Baptist Health-managed, full-service primary care office and wellness center onsite at the Appriss headquarters in the east end of Louisville. Seven years later, it is a service that continues to grow. “Without a doubt, our goal is to be the employer of choice for top talent, and that requires a commitment to an amazing benefits offering., said Alden Pennington, Vice President of Human Resources. Appriss is making a commitment to the health and well-being of our employees and their families, by providing on-site, top of the line, primary and preventative care.”

Positive feedback

Erin Carter said that of Appriss’s 450 Louisville employees we have 1255 total employees and dependents that are eligible and office visits averaging 160 a month. Feedback from candidates and employees about the center is overwhelmingly positive. “They love it,” said Carter. “They can walk downstairs and pick up prescriptions.  If they have a sinus infection they are able to see the doctor right away and get an antibiotic all at no cost to them. We have many great perks at Appriss, but our wellness center is one of the most highly regarded benefits that we offer,” she said.

Appriss’s wellness center is available for all employees and their dependents who are enrolled in the company’s health insurance plan. The staff of the wellness center includes a primary care physician, nurse and onsite office manager, and an office scheduler. Services offered include family care from newborn to adult, immunizations, children’s school or sports physicals, allergy shots, wellness screenings and coaching, women’s health, EKG testing, chronic condition management and education, as well as many common prescriptions available at the onsite pharmacy.

A godsend

Bobbi Parise, MA, Jessica Fortwengler, MD, Shannon Myers, LPN

For Voice Notification System Call Manager Mark Hereford, who is diabetic, the center is a godsend. “For someone who depends on maintenance drugs like me, the pharmacy saves me hundreds of dollars a month. It’s a big help to have that. It’s also nice being right down the hall, so any time I have a question I can pop my head in, and they’ll always take the time to answer. They are very professional and that extends to my privacy as well,” he said.

Hereford, who has been with Appriss 19 years, said besides his paycheck, “it’s absolutely the most important benefit I get at Appriss. For the employees who report to me, it’s beneficial to have the clinic so close to us, especially for those with young children. I am able to get my daughter her sports physicals here. From a productivity standpoint, we don’t miss as much time.”

Wellness center office manager and nurse Shannon Myers said employees visit for a variety of services, but families that have, for example, allergy treatment needs, can save a great deal of money by using the wellness center. Office visits, prescriptions, injections, and annual lab work is all free at the center.

Myers said that since the wellness center opened more than six years ago, its focus has shifted to the needs of the patients. “When we first began, it was more acute sick care or urgent care issues, but now the majority of our patients are coming in for preventive care,” she said. “I think that shows our growth and our success at cutting down on costly acute care or ER visits,” she said. Once patients start feeling healthier, they want to stay that way.”

According to Myers, one key to successful preventive care is patient compliance, and having the office onsite makes that easier for both patient and provider. “I am always walking around with a smile and a wave and everybody knows me. It reminds them to make an appointment or take their medication.”

She said that is part of the personal touch the wellness center is able to offer for Appriss employees. “We get to establish a much more familial relationship, and provide much more total care,” said Myers. “They know they can stop in and say hello because we know them and their families. Just that continuation of care makes for a much healthier population.”

What’s next?

Appriss is always looking for new talent. Are you interested in learning more about career opportunities at Appriss? Email the company’s Human Resources team here.

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