Rachael Gavin

Rachael Gavin was assistant manager at Sonic Drive-In the moment her life changed.

“The CUB branch manager here in Elizabethtown was a regular customer at Sonic,” says Gavin, 22, mother of 2-year-old Elana.  “When I was serving her, she told me they were hiring at CUB and gave me her business card.”

A few weeks later, Gavin found herself hired as a teller at the Elizabethtown CUB branch and she could see the doors of opportunity opening.

“It could not have been more perfect timing,” Gavin says of her career encounter with Branch Manager Melissa Jones. “I never thought of myself as working in banking, but it seemed like a great opportunity.  I love my job!  I really do.”

Gavin joined CUB as a teller nearly a year and a half ago, and her regular Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule has made a world of difference in her home.

“We’ve been able to develop a regular sleeping and eating schedule for Elana now,” Gavin says of her professional teller position.  “My babysitter loves it because now her hours are regular, too!  My hours were so inconsistent before.”

Gavin says she loves the family-like atmosphere at CUB and getting to know the customers.

“Because CUB isn’t such a big bank, I have more of a personal relationship with the customers and I see them in the community,” says Gavin, an Elizabethtown resident.  “It’s a really wonderful place to work and I’d like to be promoted and make this my long-term career.”

A smooth transition from nursing assistant to bank teller

Keith Winegardner

 Keith Winegardner had worked for seven years as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home when he began to consider a career change.

“I was looking for a new career path, something more stable,” says Winegardner, 31, who has been a CUB teller for a year.  “It’s nice to be able to lock the doors at 4 p.m. and not be called in for a second or third shift.”

It was serendipity that led Winegardner to CUB.  In 2011 he moved from Eastern Kentucky to Taylorsville and opened a personal checking account at CUB.

“I started banking with CUB when I first moved here,” Winegardner says.  “They’re all really friendly.  When I walked into CUB as a customer, I was always greeted and I felt like I mattered.  You know, at some banks it’s almost like they don’t care if you’re there at all.”

His engaging experience as a customer led Winegardner to consider applying at CUB for a job.

“Being a teller at CUB is great,” says Winegardner, who works in the Taylorsville branch.  “I like interacting with people, and one of the perks is having a set schedule. We don’t want to rush customers out of the way.  I’m the type who likes to talk and likes to listen.”

Winegardner says the management team at CUB is always willing to help him and other tellers when they have questions.

“If they don’t have the answer, they’ll find someone who does,” he says.  “There’s no one here at the bank that I’d be afraid to ask a question.  Everybody is very friendly.”

Winegardner says he’s learned a lot about banking, handling money and investing since becoming a CUB employee.

“I definitely want to move up with CUB,” Winegardner says.  “I’m currently taking college courses to better myself and my branch manager is very supportive.  If you’re someone who’s looking for a new career, CUB is a great place to work and has a lot of growth opportunities.  It’s a growing company and it’s a great time to get on board.”

With little opportunity for advancement in retail, she turned her sights on CUB

Jordan Hurley

Jordan Hurley was working retail at clothing shops at the outlet mall in Simpsonville when she began to seriously consider her future.

“I wanted something where I had more opportunities, something I could grow into,” says Hurley, 20. “The only place you can go in retail is store manager.”

One year and three months ago she was hired as a teller at the CUB branch at Walmart in Shelbyville.  Within the last few weeks, she transferred to CUB’s Blankenbaker location, so she could be closer to Louisville.

“The people here are wonderful,” Hurley says.  “It’s true! It’s so much more than handling money and putting it in accounts. It’s about building relationships with customers.  When they walk in, we want to call them by name.  It’s a lot more about relationships and being kind.”

Hurley says that CUB tellers have fun decorating the branches for holidays and special give-away promotions in addition to being serious about their work.

“We have company picnics and paid days off for community service,” Hurley says.  “On our regular days off, we like to spend time together kind of like a family.  That’s what it’s like to work here.  Everyone at CUB is unique and everyone is accepted just as they are.”

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