“Live at the beach, work in the cloud” is the catchy tagline for Coastal Cloud, a Florida-based technology company that officially launched its Louisville location in February of this year. Louisville Project Manager Bethan Flynn said that while Louisville may not have a nearby beach, the slogan does capture one of the unique aspects of Coastal Cloud’s employee culture — cloud computing gives the flexibility to work from anywhere.

“That’s been one of the biggest attractions for me,” said Flynn. “Working here has offered me the opportunity for great work-life balance. It’s understanding that I can manage several projects at one time and deliver exceptional customer service, yet still be at my seven-year old daughter’s special school events.”

Marketing Manager Amy Hanlon agrees the company’s culture is unusual, noting that most big consulting companies require nearly 100 percent travel, but Coastal Cloud’s unique hub and spoke delivery center model allows interactive client engagement while enjoying an exceptional quality of life. This model was adopted from the company’s inception. “After living the grind at large IT consulting companies, co-founders and managing partners, Tim and Sara Hale, founded Coastal Cloud on the principals of a family oriented lifestyle while delivering service excellence,” she said. “Now they have the ability to run a multi-state IT enterprise while successfully raising a family of five on the coast of Florida. This is the type of environment they share with their employees.”

Who is Coastal Cloud?

Coastal Cloud specializes in designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based technology for its clients. All of their work is done on-shore and is typically 30-50% less than their competition. With over 700 implementations across four countries and over 250 clients, their projects range from large, multi-year enterprise platforms for Fortune 500 companies, to quickstart, short-term projects for nonprofits. They work in multiple industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, education, public sector, high tech, manufacturing, professional services, economic and workforce development, and nonprofits.

Headquartered in Palm Coast, Florida, with solution centers in Louisville and Colorado, Coastal Cloud is actively looking to expand its North American footprint. In fact, currently they are actively seeking project managers and solution architects in the Louisville market. Bethan Flynn said the project manager position offers great potential for the right person, and the Coastal Cloud culture is a big draw for recruitment.

“When we ask prospective employees what’s the biggest thing they are looking for in a company, compensation is fifth or sixth on the list; culture is number one. They want to work for a place where they can feel the things they care about are still valued,” she said. “Here you can work from the beach, a horse farm, the racetrack. You can access clients and the technology you need from anywhere.”

Project Manager

For the project manager role, Flynn said they are looking for someone “who can be a true leader and bring a team together. We work with a wide variety of clients – large multi-national corporations, startups, nonprofits, etc. We look at our clients more as partners –we’re not a vendor to them,” she said.

The ideal candidate, she continued, is someone who cares about client relationships, and is detail-oriented. “We want the kind of person who can go to bed happy knowing they got their to-do list accomplished.”

Amy Hanlon echoed Flynn about the importance of the role in business operations for Coastal Cloud. “The project manager is the glue to everything. They are there from day one to launch day, keeping customers happy and making sure we are not missing any steps.”

Solutions Architect

The second position Coastal Cloud is recruiting for in the Louisville market is a solutions architect. The solutions architect will be responsible for successfully creating custom applications using the software Force.com, and integrating Salesforce.com with a variety of other systems.

Nicole Tompkins, who is filling the role currently, said the position requires someone who is comfortable communicating with executives in every industry. “They need to be able to talk with our clients about their current business process, and translate that into an Information Technology ecosystem that drives efficiencies into the operation. We help clients come up with the best solution that’s going to help them not just for the immediate term, but provide a full road map illustrating how technology can drive their company into the future..”

Tompkins said the solution architect position does require at least one Salesforce certification before hiring. She said the kind of person who will do well as a solution architect is someone who is an analytical thinker, a strong communicator and is able to adapt quickly to changing situations, environments and new technologies. “Most importantly, “said Tompkins,” they need to be able to communicate and delegate tasks with clearly defined requirements to the rest of the team. “Communicating and working as a team is the most important component of our success,” she said.

Client philosophy

Marketing Manager Hanlon said the overall client philosophy at Coastal Cloud is one of total customer service or what they call a “Client for Life”.  “When we get a client, we spend a great deal of time with them to listen and fully understand what their business challenges may be. We are a true partner with our clients and we can offer suggestions they may not even know exist. For example, a client might say we need X,Y and Z, and we’ll go in and say. Yes, you do, but if you also do A and B, you will have even greater success.” In essence, we are business consultants building IT platforms that drive those efficiencies.”

The concentration on client relationships is apparently paying off for Coastal Cloud, according to Hanlon, who said the company posted their best results to date in the first quarter of 2017, with more than 70 percent of the business due to returning, happy clients wanting to expand their cloud-based services.

Coastal Cloud offers competitive compensation comparable to larger firms in the industry, responsible time off and numerous other benefits, said Hanlon. “But an important aspect for a lot of people is that you are appreciated in this job,” she said. “There’s just a good feel and vibe with this company.”

Coastal Cloud recently held an all-employee annual meeting and appreciation event at their headquarters in Florida, which provided the opportunity for every employee to meet face to face and spend time with one another.

Project Manager Bethan Flynn attended the event, and said it was an important bonding experience for the whole team. “We could play volleyball, hang out at the beach, but also talk about the future of the company.”

Flynn, a native of Louisville, said now is a great time to jump on board with Coastal Cloud since they plan to grow significantly in the market in the next 18 to 24 months. Located in the trendy NuLu neighborhood, the company is interested in being more culturally integrated to the city. “We want Louisville to be a local spoke of the national Coastal Cloud brand.”

What’s next?

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