If you could fix anything with data, what would it be? This is the question Edj Analytics poses on their website, encouraging visitors to voice the changes they’d most like to see when thinking about data as a catalyst for change.

Inside Edj’s Market Street office, the growing team of just over a dozen is doing their part to effect change, too — and they’re searching for a savvy, energized marketing director who can help them do it.

Making an impact at Edj

“This is a role that can really have an outsized impact on the company,” explains CEO and founder Sean O’Leary. “We’re looking for someone to be the quarterback of the marketing division — someone who’s willing to get their hands dirty. This is a ground-floor opportunity.”

For the data scientists at Edj, data-driven decisions are better decisions, and they live and breathe that philosophy as they convert technical data into compelling, actionable stories. The team examines pools of data using a game-based approach, lending their expertise and insight to organizations across industries such as healthcare, global markets, education and, yes, even football. The result? That’s the Edj difference — a focus on truly “letting the data speak” as the pathway to “finding your edge.”

A marketing director will fit into the puzzle by stepping in “to manage both the day-to-day and the long-term outcomes” of Edj’s marketing plan, explains O’Leary, with oversight of the company’s branding, blog, copywriting, social media, trade shows, speaking engagements and lead generation across all verticals.

“As we continue to expand,” O’Leary shares, “we would expect this person to grow their own team as well.” And there will be plenty of support for that — O’Leary is excited to advocate for someone who’s willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. He’s hoping to find someone who not only asks questions, but also recognizes and acknowledges what they don’t know. For O’Leary, these are marks of professional maturity and are critical traits in someone who will feel at home among their all-star team.  

20160721-edjanalytics-001Working with the Edj team

Like other careers at Edj, O’Leary describes the role of marketing director as “very autonomous” — an ideal opportunity for a talented marketing professional to put their own spin on the company’s existing marketing plan. To help facilitate that ideal, O’Leary makes sure employees are given plenty of room to work in a way that feels natural and intuitive to them. This means believing in open management and remaining against a formal PTO policy. “Just get your work done and then leave when you need to,” he instructs. He trusts his team fully, and with good reason — they’re a dedicated, hard-working bunch.

And all that hard work pays off — the team’s strong commitment to getting the job done is met with fun rewards. An office fantasy football league, an in-office bet board, and an annual company poker tournament (the winner of which is staked by Edj to compete at the world tournament in Vegas) bring levity to the job at this growth startup.

But even without those things, Edj is big on cultivating a company culture that matters. “We know that people want to have autonomy, have mastery and have purpose,” O’Leary says, “and we really try to focus on this. We believe in giving people the chance to do the work they want to do at the pace they want to do it, as long as we’re able to meet our deliverables.”

Accountability, ownership and inherent curiosity are vital skills for thriving at Edj, but O’Leary recognizes the company’s role in fostering these attributes as well. Part of that includes maintaining a genuine commitment to work-life balance. The father of three college-aged children himself, O’Leary shares that he never missed a game or dance recital, and his employees shouldn’t either.

Edj, which launched in August of 2013, takes pains to champion their team in other ways, too. From offering contributions in support of individual employees who are participating in charitable events to giving back to the community through group volunteer efforts at the Wayside Christian Mission on East Jefferson Street, finding ways to help our city is a priority.

“At the end of the day,” O’Leary says, “we want to build a company here in Louisville where a lot of smart people are solving really difficult problems.”

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