In today’s world, having a college degree is no guarantee of a job upon graduation. Students need a way to get their foot in the door, a taste of the field they have chosen, or one they’ve never considered. They need to make connections, network, gain real-work experience and see what’s out there. What they really need–is an edge.

“Internships are great ways for students to explore their potential career interests while gaining experience for a prospective employer,” said Sean O’Leary, CEO of EdjAnalytics. “Seeing how the ‘real world’ works over a summer between classes or as a co-op should be both enlightening and, hopefully, motivating.”

EdjAnalytics is a local predictive analytics company that prides itself on being diverse and committed to working with the community. Edj interns can expect to work on varied projects, whether it is building a predictive model from years of healthcare data to predict a patient’s risk of being readmitted within 30 days of surgery, or a model to be used by an NFL or NCAA football coach to determine the chances of a win at any point of the game.

The company takes a thoughtful approach to their intern program, from the people who lead it to the access provided to students for learning about the business at a much deeper level.

The intern program

Data Scientist Scott Brown is considered a local. He was an intern and then graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington. Brown has been with the company two years and besides working on his favorite project, EdjHealthcare, he is busy managing interns.

The 2017 summer interns are again a diverse group. Tucker Wall comes to Edj from North Carolina State University. Anticipating graduation in December 2018, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Statistics, Wall said during the process of interviewing and becoming an intern at Edj, “I was treated respectfully and professionally by everyone at Edj. It made me more excited to get to work at their company.”

This being his first technical internship, Wall “wants to learn more about what it looks like to develop and use software in a company setting.”

Yves Dusenge, of Kigali Rwanda, spent time as an intern from February to May, coming from Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina. Dusenge graduated in May with a double major in Computer Science and Economics. “Coming to Edj, I was hoping to learn how data science interfaces with software. And expanding my skills in the art of building predictive models,” said Dusenge. “While here, I worked on horse racing models, soccer models, and doing market research.”

The process of becoming an intern with Edj makes a lasting impression on the interns. Dhivya Rajprasad of Chennai, India, will be graduating in August from the University of Cincinnati with a master’s in Business Analytics. To Rajprasad, the process was the most important part in her decision to pursue Edj.

The first step was a conversation with Stacey Langan, Human Resources Director. Rajprasad said she “explained to me everything about the company, the culture and tried to really understand how I would fit into Edj, and what my interests are.”

“I personally loved the way the interview process was a mutual learning of our interests to make sure both my and Edj’s needs were met.”

Working in Louisville

Another common denominator found within the intern program is the impact Louisville is having on the interns. “Louisville is really a huge surprise, where it is a melting pot of history, culture, city life with just the right amount of country side,” Rajprasad said. “I love the multicultural aspect of the city, the rich tradition of Derby and just the overall climate and the beautiful greenery all around. I would love to make this city a home in the long run!”

Dusenge said, “Louisville is amazing … A favorite memory of my time in Louisville was going to a Louisville City FC soccer game sponsored by Edj, I was very surprised that Louisville has a huge soccer following.”

EdjAnalytics is proud of their intern program and has even opened it up this summer to a local high school student, Grant Hester from St. Xavier High School.

“We approach internships similarly to any other type of employment. We value the diversity of perspectives and skills, and feel as though we all benefit when our team constructively challenges and respects each other’s work,” Langan said. “We strive to hire talent that would appreciate such an environment.”

What’s next?

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