genscape_logo_greyWhile Louisville, Ky., is well known for its industry leadership in bourbon, horses and baseball bats, it’s also home to a leading company in the fast-emerging fields of data science, machine learning and corporate intelligence.

Data from more than 140 countries and countless seaports flows right through Louisville-headquartered Genscape. The data is sourced from more than 8,000 proprietary monitors placed around the globe and hundreds of alternative information sources. In total, Genscape ingests over a billion data points a day.

Using the latest technology, the Genscape team analyzes all this data and produces a real-time picture of the production, storage and transportation of commodities and energy worldwide. This information is used by traders, operations managers and strategists in more than 22 countries to make better decisions on trading, hedging and production of commodities and energy. As the industry leader in real-time monitoring, Genscape’s services are a must-have for its customers.

A Louisville company’s global reach

people-poweredBrits in the Bluegrass: Global opportunities

Beyond its data, Genscape’s entire business is global. This includes our ownership. Genscape is proudly part of the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT), a United Kingdom-listed company on the London Stock Exchange.

“When you join Genscape, you also join a diverse but close-knit family of best-in-class organizations all over the world. This family gives us a foundation of stability, but also provides career opportunities. Being owned by DMGT means our people have a much wider career path,” says Annie Edwards Director of Global Human Resources for DMGT and former Genscape General Counsel and Chief People Officer.

alphenaar-photo1In particular, as part of the DMGT family of companies, Genscape is able to offer its team members:

  • Opportunity – Meaningful work that stretches and excites, with training and development programs and opportunities that span industries – and the globe.
  • Passion – The drive and entrepreneurial spirit on which many of the companies were founded remains intact.
  • Strength – The reach and resources of a large, global business, but with a culture of agility and autonomy.

InsiderTalentFriendsAd2b“When I joined Genscape I had never been to Europe. Now, I am based in Louisville but manage a global team of over 25 people. My position has sent me to Amsterdam, London and Rome all in the last year,” comments Jonathan Sullivan, Global Head of Field Services.

In addition to full-time global positions, Genscape and DMGT employ secondments, global project teams and customer relations activities that can take employees to multiple areas around the globe. Additionally, they have offices in London, Dublin, Hamburg and Amsterdam and are expanding operations into South Asia, Japan and Mexico.

ApplyHereWork local, think global

Think working for a local company with global reach is for you? Check out Genscape’s career site for available roles and learn more about DMGT and its talent philosophy while you’re at it.

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