If you’re a Data Analyst or a Software Developer, terms like data visualization, augmented reality, and machine learning might make your heart beat just a little faster. Working for a company like Genscape – whose sole focus is capturing and analyzing data in new and exciting ways — is like a dream come true.

Genscape, the nation’s first supplier of real-time data for global commodity and energy markets, tracks power, oil, natural gas, solar and other energy forms through the world’s largest network of land, sea, and satellite data devices. If you want to work in an environment of people that share your passion for tech and data, it’s the place to be.

On the innovation forefront

Genscape never stops innovating ways to capture and access data.

Genscape CTO, Albert Hofeldt, says, “On the analyst side, we’re using a number of the latest and greatest algorithms in machine learning to run our models and forecast.” While machine learning has been around for a while, the ability to automatically apply mathematical calculations to big data – quickly and repeatedly – is a recent development.

On the programming side, Hofeldt says, the company has most recently made forays into data visualization using the Microsoft HoloLens system. The system helps users visualize the data in a 3-D world by interacting with data models using gestures, voice commands and the mouse.

Hofeldt says, “To use an example: You could have the Empire State Building sitting on top of this table. With data visualization, you can bring that Empire State Building toward you and expand it or dissect it.”

One data visualization application Genscape uses in practice is a globe. The globe contains information that they capture from proprietary information. “If we want to get the real-time positions of maritime vessels, for example, we can rotate the globe and see where they are. If you are interested in a specific region, you can zoom in on that region. You can choose a specific ship to zoom in on and can see what journey it’s on.”

They also have an R&D department that is always innovating on hardware and sensor technology.

Unique workplace

Aside from getting the opportunity to work on some of the most cutting-edge tech and data science, Genscape’s Louisville employees also enjoy working in some really cool digs.

Although Genscape began in Louisville, it has offices all over the world, including New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, the Netherlands, and Germany.

In Louisville, Genscape occupies all five floors of a refurbished and redesigned building that used to be a milk warehouse. The workplace boasts a lunchroom/café that seats 100 people and that has everything you need to cook your own food, a gym, several work areas and a mezzanine where employees can go to relax or play a game of ping pong.

Time for fun

Every year, Genscape has a tech summit to which all employees in a technology focused role, across the globe, are invited. For many, the apex of the summit is the 24-hour hack-a-thon. This year’s summit was held in Las Vegas.

Genscape’s Tech Summit Hackathon

At the one-day hack-a-thon event, teams of employees collaborate intensively to create a piece of software, hardware, or a combination of both. The event is tech-agnostic and participants can leverage cloud services and open community code, but can’t use previously crafted code.

At the last hack-a-thon the challenge was a software/hardware combo using a Raspberry Pi, with fun and amusing results. Any one coffee drinker who has worked in an office environment can appreciate this. One team created a sensor on a coffee maker that could be hooked up to a Raspberry Pi. “It captures the image of anyone who gets a cup of coffee. When someone takes the last cup but is a good citizen and fills the pot back up, everything’s OK. But if, after two or three minutes, the sensor detects that the pot remains empty, it circulates a picture of the employee to the company roster,” Hofeldt said.

Scene from the Genscape Tech Summit.

The hack-a-thon employees look forward to every year. He learned how much they do like it one year when the event was held in Boston and the city got buried in four feet of snow.  He was worried the weather would keep everyone away, yet all but one person showed up. “They did whatever they had to do to get there, whether that was flying through other cities or taking rent-a-cars to get there.”

That’s what happens when people love what they do and appreciate a company that lets them shine.

Genscape is hiring!

Genscape has multiple career opportunities available. Check them all out here.

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