Hogan Lovells is impressive in its size and scope. It’s a global law firm with a presence in 44 countries with almost 3,000 attorneys around the world, including 14 offices across the United States. Employees at Louisville’s global business services center office say the warm culture and ample opportunities for career growth belie the common perception of corporate indifference at large companies; the idea that employees can get lost or forgotten.

Amy Su

In fact, at Hogan Lovells it’s the exact opposite, said Amy Su, Conflicts Analyst at the firm. “Management here is very open and approachable, and really does lead by example,” said Su. “I feel like my ideas or suggestions are valued and that I can be self-expressed without worrying about not being heard. As an employee, I feel acknowledged. It also makes the environment here more collaborative.”

Su, who has worked with Hogan Lovells since June 2016, had previous experience working in Japan and Singapore, and was attracted by the company’s global presence. “With my international work experience and extensive overseas travels, Hogan Lovells was a good fit,” she says. “I love that I can sit at my desk in Louisville and work with colleagues all over the globe every day. I really like that my work isn’t restricted to just a country or continent”.

Climbing the ladder

Since arriving at Hogan Lovells, Su has rapidly climbed the career ladder, from Analyst Assistant to Junior Analyst, to her present position as Conflicts Analyst. Su said her career has evolved a great deal in a short time, and the company has nurtured that growth potential with thorough training and job-specific mentoring.  “Conflicts Analyst Assistants go through about one month of training before they begin on live work,” she said. “I don’t come from a legal background, but the training was thorough and I felt confident transitioning from the training to doing live work.”

Su said she was paired with a mentor from day one who taught her the ropes and has been a resource when facing difficult work challenges. “My strong mentee-mentor relationship has been pivotal in my growth at HL. I really look up to my mentor and strive to produce the same quality work as her, if not better. When I was promoted, she was there every step of the way to help me transition and get acquainted with my new roles,” Su said.

Opportunity for growth

Systems Administrator Paul Johnson said he also viewed Hogan Lovells as an opportunity to grow in his career. Hired for an IT Service Desk position, Johnson, became a Systems Administrator after just 16 months with the company. He said Hogan Lovells provided an environment for career growth, and investment in him as a professional.

Paul Johnson

“I felt like I knew what was expected of me, and I constantly strived to do the right thing and take responsibility for any issues that came up on my watch,” he said. “Hogan Lovells has helped me get a new certification. My leadership provided me with stepping stones to a promotion, and I feel like people genuinely care about how I am doing.”

That considerate work culture is something that keeps Johnson motivated, he said. “When you walk in everyone is friendly; you never hesitate ask for help, because we are all here to help each other.”

Johnson said he would recommend working for Hogan Lovells to anyone who wants to be challenged but also enriched by meaningful work. “I am presented with issues that are impactful and relevant to the firm, and I feel like I make a difference. I love my career. There is still a lot of room for me to grow, and plenty of encouragement for that to happen. If there is a position here for you, I recommend you apply. You will not regret it.”

Hogan Lovells culture

Bill Ball, Managing Director of Hogan Lovells Global Business Services, said he came to the company 20 years ago in Washington, D.C., seeking “a high-performance culture that recognized and fostered leaders, and provided opportunities for everyone to learn and grow.” He evolved through a number of roles, including a senior non-lawyer paralegal in the antitrust government regulatory practice, and 16 years as the global head of the Conflicts Department. In that role, as Hogan Lovells experienced rapid growth, Ball developed a global professional team and infrastructure, introducing best practices and workflow processes that brought greater efficiency to the work.

In 2016, he accepted the opportunity to launch and head the global business services center in Louisville.  Ball said that Hogan Lovells promotes the culture and environment that encourages all employees to act like owners. “Hogan Lovells’ culture is collegial, ambitious, collaborative, innovative, and committed to success and good citizenship. We don’t just talk about but embrace and live our core values and culture in everything we do at every level.”

For Hogan Lovells, size and scope are important business assets. But those assets would be far less impressive without its dedicated people – and its dedication to people.

What’s next?

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