One of Louisville’s healthcare technology leaders, Homecare Homebase, puts powerful tools in the hands of home health and hospice providers to modernize every aspect of patient care. A huge part of the innovation that makes this possible takes place right here in the Derby City.

The value of Homecare Homebase’s proprietary software lies in its simplicity and efficient workflow, freeing caregivers to be more present for their patients. Nurses and home health providers utilize tablets or mobile phones to track, simplify, and streamline almost everything they do. From scheduling and routing, real-time documentation of therapy goals and progress, customized assessment forms and billing, to CMS compliance that stays ahead of the curve, the team at Homecare Homebase delivers the tools providers need.

The company’s continued rapid growth over the last 17 years is powered by a collaborative work process that allows employee innovation to take a front seat. Agile teams work together through the modes most comfortable for them, allowing for collaboration through a shared platform incorporating messaging, shared digital workspaces, and conference areas equipped with projectors, screens, and whiteboards.

Informed by her concurrent role as CEO of Encompass Health, HCHB CEO and founder April Anthony solved problems within the healthcare industry. The company’s founders filled a need with an inspired insider’s perspective for technological solutions and targeted engineering that was, and remains, visionary.

Anthony opened the 2018 operating year on an icy January morning at the annual Kick-Off Meeting for the Louisville arm of the Dallas-based company by reminding a room full of technologists how far they’ve come. From a small start-up to an IT leader present in 48 states, 34% of Medicare home care visits, and 25% of Hospice days of service in the US, the team of 394 employees has much to be proud of. In 2017, HCHB brought the mission of ‘empowering exceptional care’ to an average of 471,492 patients daily.

The 2018 Kick-Off Meeting brought two big pieces of news to Homecare Homebase. First, Anthony unveiled an updated version of the company’s core values. C.A.R.E.S. will help each engineer and innovator keep the company’s true north in sight at all times: Care, Act, Respect, Excel, and Smile.

At the heart of these values is remembering that human lives depend on, and are improved by, the HCHB suite of products. To be part of the team is to be empowered to act on inspiration with empathy — both for the providers and their patients, as well as with fellow team members. To embody these values means a sense of personal empowerment: to envision, to act, to anticipate needs, and to dream of solutions.

Over the coming months, company employees will be given a platform to share how their fellow team members enact these values, resulting in tangible rewards including monthly awards recognition and yearly bonuses.

Sam High, CTO, entertained the group as he informed with Dilbert comic strips alongside process charts. He outlined goals for the growth in the coming year, and how the teams can attain them, which were focused on performance and scalability, and reminded everyone that the job is to move the architecture continually forward.

A second introduction at the Kick-Off Meeting was of Homecare Homebase’s new president, Scott Decker, who is entering his 30th year in the healthcare technology industry. He urged those gathered to envision what Google or Amazon would be to the home health industry — to “think big”.

In the coming years, he said, home-based healthcare will grow. “What if my care was built around me?” he asked. Patients can be served more comfortably and economically than ever before, and can receive therapies and treatments without leaving their homes. “The future of healthcare is in the home,” he said. Building on its technical infrastructure to adapt to these changing market conditions, Homecare Homebase is poised to improve the way care is implemented, delivered, tracked, and quality-tested.

Today, 136,889 healthcare workers depend on the Homecare Homebase platform, and the company is as dedicated to anticipating their needs as those workers are to the needs of their patients. These exceptional engineers are up for the task — they’ve done it before — but this time, they’re kicking it into high gear.

What’s next?

Do you, or someone you know, wish to work for a company with its roots in service and technological advancement? Think bigger at Homecare Homebase! With so many opportunities to Care, Act, Respect, Excel, and Smile, join the Homecare Homebase team in Louisville in their goal of empowering exceptional care. Click here to get started today.