Hosparus Health offers people living with serious and life-limiting illnesses medical care and pain management, individual and family counseling, personal care and companionship, spiritual care, crisis care and so much more. For the more than 1,000 hospice patients who rely on Hosparus Health, compassionate caregivers are there to help them get the most out of each day.

But the continuum of care hospice patients depend upon takes a village. While caregivers are front and center, the behind-the-scenes operations are also critical to managing the systems needed to provide exceptional care for each and every patient, said Loretta McGinty, Managing Director of Reimbursement and Compliance.

To manage their growing operation, Hosparus Health is seeking the right candidate for the new position of director of reimbursement and health information management (HIM). McGinty said an ideal candidate will have an accounting or finance background heavy in analysis. “This position will be highly involved with reimbursement, constantly running different receivable reports, analyzing the Aging reports and working hand in hand with payors. They will be identifying situations from that analysis, picking up the phone to set up meetings and working directly with payors to resolve issues and expedite reimbursement,” said McGinty.

The position requires a bachelors degree in business or accounting, and 2-4 years of management experience with billing or other medical field-related experience, including Medicare, Medicaid and other third parties preferred.

McGinty noted that the director of reimbursement position is not one that will sit at the desk all day long crunching numbers. “This type of position is heavily involved with the management of staff and day-to-day activities. This person will constantly be working with one-on-one scenarios with staff and helping them with different situations that arise.”

While health information management is part of the role, McGinty emphasized the critical nature of the financial background. “We have had several candidates experienced in HIM, but without the ability to manage and analyze the finances. At Hosparus Health, we are constantly looking for how to gain process efficiencies with the changes we implement.”

Loretta McGinty, Associate Vice President of Reimbursement and Compliance, Hosparus

With different Medicare regulations introduced every year that affect Hosparus Health, the director of reimbursement has to be flexible, said McGinty. “We have to stay one step ahead and on our toes in response with the environment, so this person needs the ability to adapt quickly.”

McGinty said Hosparus Health is adapting, too – to an evolving workforce. “The executive team is great, and always very considerate. In addition to our organizational goals, they continually ask how they can be more in tune with today’s workers — how to make it better for employees, and exploring options like working from home,” she said.

After nine years at Hosparus Health, McGinty said she has seen that no matter what position you hold there, the strong sense of mission permeates. “Even on the back-end as a support department that is not as involved with the day-to-day care our organization provides, the focus is still on that mission. One of the things we do is bring in some of those care providers to department meetings.”

She said that when she interviews candidates for positions at Hosparus Health, she can sense who is responsive to that call. “You can just tell if they have that compassion for individuals, and for what our mission is even though we’re not hands-on for patient care.”

McGinty said Hosparus Health does not give lip service to that mission, either. “We do truly live that mission of caring for others, not just the patients we serve but our employees and teams as well. Our leadership team has such compassion for us as individuals, “she said. “When we personally experience a death in our own families, all the management and staff are there for you. It’s our culture, that compassion. It spills over into day-to-day life.”

What’s next?

Do you think you are the person who exemplifies compassion along with a strong knowledge of finance? If so, click here to learn more about the position of Director of Reimbursement and to apply.