Everyone knows that doctors don’t make house calls anymore. Except that for Hosparus Health patients and families, they do. For nearly 40 years, thousands of people living with serious and life-limiting illnesses have relied on Hosparus Health to help them get the most out of each day. Now a newly expanded provider group is delivering compassionate palliative and hospice care wherever patients call home.

That is not the standard of care for hospice patients across the nation, explained Bethany Snider, MD, senior medical director for Hosparus Health. “Many hospice patients never see a physician or nurse practitioner,” she said. “But we believe there is added value to get providers into the home environment to elevate the quality of care and simplify life for them.”

That’s why Hosparus Health is hiring for a newly created position of medical practice manager: to better direct a rapidly expanded medical group and get more providers into more patient homes more often. The Hosparus Health hospice and palliative medicine provider group, which includes 13 physicians and eight nurse practitioners, sees thousands of patients across Metro Louisville from the comfort of their own home. Hosparus Health has an inpatient care site in Louisville as well as satellite office locations in New Albany, Indiana, Elizabethtown, Campbellsville, Bowling Green and Glasgow. The territory covers 37 counties in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

The Medical Practice Manager, who will work from the Louisville office, will be responsible for managing Hosparus Health’s hospice and palliative medicine provider group, serving as a first point of contact to provide information about the provider group’s services and establishing key market relationships with physician groups for the hospice and palliative medicine practice. The practice manager will also lead continuous improvement initiatives to ensure best practices in the provider group’s systems, policies and protocols.

Basic requirements for the Medical Practice Manager position include a Bachelor’s degree in business or health administration or equivalent related work experience. The ideal candidate has previous project management experience within a complex, acute healthcare setting and a strong understanding of healthcare consulting concepts and practices. Certification in practice management is a plus.

Jim Gaffney, MD, MDA, Chief Medical Officer at Hosparus Health, said that the medical practice manager needs to be a person who can handle both internal and external duties adeptly.  “From a hospice point of view, they need to be relationship-driven but at the same time mission driven. Our goal is improving the quality of care in serious illness. It’s important to understand that we don’t see patients at our offices – we see them in their homes, so this practice manager will enable us as a medical team to touch more patients in a timely manner,” Dr. Gaffney said.

Dr. Snider agreed and said it would be very helpful to have somebody who is innovative in their thinking to help them achieve that goal. “As you can imagine, our practice is very different from a traditional medical practice because we are operating out of people’s homes. Someone who can be creative in thinking how to maximize our productivity and efficiency in getting to patients would be an added benefit to our team,” she said. “In the patient’s home is where we can have the most impact.”

In addition, Snider said the external role is key. “We need to improve relationships with the communities we serve so that people really understand how unique it is to have a provider practice this large in hospice and palliative medicine – and to have all these board-certified specialists in one office. I think part of this practice manager’s role needs to be marketing our group.”

Both physicians agreed that someone interested in quality improvement and SMART processes would be ideal.

“It would be great to have someone focused on our processes and procedures just to make sure they’re the best, and that we’re the best we can be; because we can always improve in how we serve families,” said Dr. Snider.

Last but not least, said Dr. Snider, is “someone who is focused on our mission will excel in this job because they will understand how important their role is to the community.  “And to us,” added Dr. Gaffney.

Dr. Gaffney and Dr. Snider both expressed that hospice and palliative care is something that is gratifying professionally and personally.

“Those of us in this field feel that anyone with serious illness approaching end of life – that it is as important a stage of life as any other. One of the terms we use a lot is what are the patients and families’ ‘goals of care.’”  That’s what we focus on. What do they want to achieve today or this week? We want to ensure that they live their life to the fullest as long as possible, and to enable that is gratifying,” said Dr. Gaffney.

Dr. Snider said the fact that the hospice care is so patient-driven is what makes it special for her to be a part of. “This part of life is such a vulnerable one for patients and families.  I am blessed every day that I get to go into these people’s homes, and feel honored that they allow me to come in and share a small piece of that with them. You see such beauty, because each experience is different for each family, and they are deciding exactly what is valuable for them in this part of the journey.”

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