MobileServe began with this question, “How do we help turn volunteers into ambassadors for causes they care about?” What evolved is a mobile-app and web-based platform that seamlessly integrates every part of the $1.6 billion volunteer and community-service ecosystem.

At MobileServe, we believe that service to others is a central component of healthy individuals, organizations, and communities. We believe that people have a hunger for meaningful work and meaningful connection that too often is not being met in their companies, schools, churches, and civic groups. We believe that the same technology that often isolates us behind our phones and screens can be used to connect people to purpose.

If you care about celebrating the good your employees, members, or students do in the world, contact us. If you want to be a part of a fast growing team at a technology company that is doing well by doing good, join us.

Do good

In the last two years, MobileServe users have logged more than 1,000,000 hours of service to more than 10,000 nonprofits in 49 states  More important, MobileServe users have helped embed a culture of service into more than 100 client organizations ranging from schools to universities, Greek organizations, aging care facilities and banks. MobileServe’s Virtual Volunteer Coordinator  makes this easy.

Starting from that base, we have also reduced the administrative burden of welcoming and engaging volunteers for nonprofits with our Virtual Volunteer Coordinator. We have helped companies unlock the hidden power of community engagement for their employees and their brands, particularly with millennials, with our Impact Tracker.

Our secret sauce is that our product is focused on the individual volunteers, meaning that even though our purchasers are organizations, we can connect the nonprofits and organizations who rely on volunteers with the companies, schools, universities, courts, and agencies who can help source volunteers.

And we’re just getting started. We recently launched a court-focused product that can help court systems, judges, and prosecutors to divert non-violent offenders to community service rather than paying costly fines or serving time. Our soon-to-launch Opportunities Engine will connect between would-be volunteers and the places they are most needed.

Founded by two native Louisvillians who came back to make a difference and funded by a group of local and regional investor groups, MobileServe is growing a national B2B Software as a Service company located right here in Louisville.

Looking for a rockstar

We’re looking for a rockstar to become our first VP of Sales and Marketing. We are conducting a national search, but we have a suspicion that the person we need is either already in Louisville or itching to get here.

After two years of product and market validation, MobileServe is poised for explosive growth across multiple segments. As a fast-growing start-up, we are looking for the right person to scale our sales and marketing operations.

We often say that Louisville is the best networked “little-big” city in the world. Now it’s time to prove it. We need your help. Are you or someone you know:

  • An experienced SaaS sales professional looking to boomerang back to Louisville?
  • A veteran sales team leader who is bored with the corporate grind, and ready for a new challenge?
  • A passionate and dynamic sales dynamo who wants to wake up every day inspired to make the world a better place while growing a start-up by a factor of ten?

Help us grow

Over the next two years, the VP of Sales and Marketing will be given autonomy to build a sales operation, hire staff, and develop markets from “we have a few customers” to “we dominate the space.”  This person will help create the culture, grow the team, shape the strategy, and write the rules.

We want someone focused on the upside and ready to hit the ground running. Our compensation package includes a strong option package for the candidate who delivers on our business goals.

The VP of Marketing will be given ambitious goals and the tools to hit them. He or she will be expected to scale our proven segments, help validate the segments where we have some traction, and help us think through how we stage and sequence our marketing and technological investment.

Local company, national impact

Our co-founders are both boomerangs themselves, committed to building a world class company in Louisville, supporting the Louisville tech scene, and proving that we can grow scalable enterprises here. Our investors are local and regional, and they believe in building this company and the ecosystem as a whole. At MobileServe, we say that our products help connect people to purpose. The same is true of our company. If you’re looking for a company with a deeper purpose and a role that will let you build something awesome, come join us.

If you are a driven, polished, technology-savvy professional with a sense of fun and adventure, you might be a good fit for our team.  If you have excellent verbal and communications skills and a curiosity about new markets and new uses of our product, you might be a good fit for our team.  If you are a competitive self-starter who likes to take on new challenges, you might be a good fit for our team.  If you like periodic Nerf gun battles, company volunteer days, and regular silliness, you might be a good fit for our team.

If you’re not that senior person, but you want to work for her or him (and us), we are also hiring Account Executives, Sales Development Reps, Marketing Directors, Customer Success Fellows (part-time), and Interns.

What’s next?

Do you, or someone you know, want to work for a company that uses technology for good and that is also poised for explosive growth? We’d love to hear from you! Email your resume today.