Talk to most Parallon employees about their work history and you’ll hear a story about a capable person who just needed a chance to grow. Many folks come to the Louisville branch of the medical collections arm of the company with no call center experience. Mentoring from more seasoned employees quickly adds bonuses to the healthy hourly wage starting at $13.50 for inexperienced hires.

“People are intimidated by the word ‘collections,’” said Susan Rademaker, HR manager at Parallon’s Louisville branch. “The work is challenging, but there are no special qualifications that predict performance, though empathy and good listening skills go a long way.”

It’s a job where you can make a tangible difference in people’s lives. “I like it because we’re the step before collections,” says Sammer Metair, “So we help save people’s credit so they can still get that house they want. And we’re not only helping out our community but also thousands of communities across the country.”

Metair came to Parallon with a background in factory work. One day, a shard of metal flew out of a machine and penetrated his eye. He realized the work wasn’t just difficult, but dangerous and there wasn’t a future in it.

“Our purpose, and I keep it on the back of my badge,” he said, lifting his lanyard and reading, “‘We serve and enable those who care for and improve human life in their communities.’ I feel like without us and our hospitals, a lot of people would go without the healthcare they need.”

“I know if I wasn’t here,” he says, “I’d still be somewhere making like ten dollars an hour in a factory, or some type of job like that, if I didn’t take that chance to go for a pay range higher than what I thought I was probably worth. I definitely enjoy being here.”

Stability and flexibility

Parallon’s quarterly step rate program allows for potential salary increases every calendar quarter. Employees who go beyond expectations are potentially eligible to begin working from home after six months.

As part of a medical network, employees at Parallon enjoy a comprehensive health insurance package with dental and vision coverage.

Stan Fitch, a collections specialist who’s been with the company for seven years said, “The tangible things are the things that keep me here. I was self-employed before I came here. I was spending about 900 bucks a month on health insurance. I’ve cut that into a third. I didn’t really have a 401K or any type of retirement. I’ve got that in the double digits now.”

Room to grow

Parallon’s Professional Development Program and tuition reimbursement are a couple of the ways the company develops and invests in its employees. Many earn degrees debt-free that set them up for advancement. The company strives to hire from within. Most supervisors have worked in collections themselves, and are armed with first-hand knowledge and strategies for success that they share one-on-one with their teams.

LaTonya Chatman came to the job without collections experience and in just a little over two years with the company, she’s close to finishing her degree in business administration. Chatman has also been part of the Professional Development Program which gave her supervisory training. (Congratulations to LaTonya for recently promoted to a supervisor position!)

“The position is very demanding because they’re constantly moving, but you don’t really know how much they do until you’re able to be on the other side of that and get to actually do the work. It’s more hands-on. I got the chance to step into the role of a supervisor,” she said.


Parallon listens to employees. Their Employee Engagement Task Force (ETF) is a way for workers to get involved in real change within the company, which is always looking for ways to improve not only the bottom line, but the employee experience. As part of the task force, workers meet with management and bring their teams’ ideas into a space where they can become company policy.

Initiatives like Passport for Development, which offers seminars in various computer programs like Excel or Outlook, resume development, and even mock interviews, were implemented with employee feedback.

Parallon is a company that asks employees what they need and finds a way to deliver it.  There are numerous opportunities for community involvement and charitable giving through the task force as well as special events, like Employee Appreciation Week, throughout the year to lift people’s spirits and encourage bonding and friendly competition among the teams.

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