Dave Fife

Dave Fife has been a special projects analyst with Parallon for six years. He started at the company ten years before that, around age 28, as a collections specialist. After sixteen years with the company and a couple promotions, he became interested in management and making strides in that direction.

He got that chance in 2016 as part of Parallon’s Professional Development Program (PDP). When the call went out for applicants from HR, he decided to see what it took, and put together a presentation. Only two or three employees are accepted into the seven-month training each year, and Fife was selected to work directly with supervisors, shadowing them to learn what the job takes.

Parallon has a way of evoking leadership from their people. It’s a company that lays a foundation for success with tangible steps and practical opportunities a motivated person can pursue. This might not be what someone would imagine of a company that’s primary objective is medical collections, but it’s the way Parallon cultivates great workers and keeps them around. The above-average pay and bonuses don’t hurt, and neither does the comprehensive insurance.

Professional Development Program

From individually coaching collections specialists to help them hit their targets to giving workers a chance at a mock interview once they’ve applied for a promotion, Parallon understands that no one comes to a job with all the knowledge they need to succeed. Rather than expecting perfection, they extend a hand for their workers to strive for excellence.

“Sitting with the supervisors and seeing what they do, the programs they use, all the different worksheets, planning your day, I mean it was real extensive,” Fife said of the program.

“You shadow them for so long and they say, ‘Okay, you’ve learned how to do this,’ and they just put you on task. ‘I have a collections specialist who’s having this problem. I want you to go over there and figure out what’s going on.’ They hold your hand for a little while and then you’ve got to go at it.”

“I really enjoyed the program. I was just mad it ended, honestly, because it gives you a chance to move around and become more involved in what’s going on in the company,” he said.

Helping workers strive for excellence

He’s not the only one. In the same year, LaTonya Chatman was also part of the Professional Development Program. Chatman, who’s been with the company for just two years, already has her eyes on the future. She completed the PDP as she began working toward a degree in business management through the company’s tuition reimbursement program.

“The position is very demanding because they’re constantly moving, but you don’t really know how much they do until you’re able to be on the other side of that and get to actually do the work. It’s more hands-on. I got the chance to step into the role of a supervisor,” she said.

Chatman came to Parallon ready for a change, and without any collections experience. She felt a little at-sea in the beginning, but was a quick study. The practical experience her supervisors brought, as all of them have worked as specialists themselves, make them good teachers.

Through the Professional Development Program, she got a feel for the role, and it’s one she enjoys. “I think the highlight for me was doing the coaching — being able to learn from a supervisor while actually teaching or coaching,” she said.

“I can’t see working anywhere else.”

Passport for Development

A huge part of fostering an atmosphere where motivated people can excel is listening. Parallon has innumerable ways of giving people a leg up, and many come from asking workers what they want. Their Passport for Development (P4D) program is one more example.

This program offers quarterly seminars in work-related skills that help employees grow their competence with topics they choose, like working in Excel or resume development and interview techniques. The groups meet once a quarter over their lunch breaks and come away with new skills.

Parallon believes in their people. When there’s a promotion available, employees can request a mock interview to prepare through P4D. They get feedback to improve their chances of landing the position — even if that job is in another state.

Countless people have shifted the course of their lives working for a company that’s there to support their development, and the door is still open. Parallon is hiring. No previous collections experience is necessary. If you’re ready to grow, you’re ready for Parallon.

What’s next?

Full-time positions start at $13.50 hourly. Read about the company’s extensive benefits, and email the Human Resources team for more information.

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