The Living Room

With the finishing touches completed for the new headquarters on Magazine Street, Rowdmap opened its doors to family, friends, and colleagues on Thursday, September 7 for a welcome celebration. The open house, which featured food from local favorite Feast BBQ and entertainment by Louisville’s the Bibelhouser Brothers Band, showed off a transformation of this industry disruptor’s working environment that’s been months in the making.

RowdMap is a fast-growing healthcare data analytics and consulting company using an innovative risk-readiness platform to help payers and providers create high-value chains of care across the industry. As they expanded their team, co-founders Josh and Melanie Rosenthal and Burak Sezen realized they needed a new space that better reflected not only their size, but also the team’s collaborative, energetic culture.

Creating a “right at home” atmosphere

Through careful planning and crafting, the office has been transformed from a former warehouse into a creative space that’s uniquely comfortable, adaptable, and functional.

Just inside the entrance, a row of bikes are lined up by the door for employees to use throughout the day. They’re the perfect mode of transportation if someone needs to make a coffee run, meet a colleague for lunch, or fit in an exercise break while puzzling through a project.

The Nest

Through a wide set of doors beyond the entryway, the space opens up into a huge, single room, filled with dozens of break-out areas designed to fit any possible need, from a casual brainstorming hangout to a formal presentation. Near the front of the multi-use space, a wooden geometric tower, dubbed “The Nest,” stops a few feet short of the ceiling. Adorned with hexagons—homage to its hornets’ nest inspiration—the inside boasts soft light, a cozy round table, and a quiet meeting environment.

Steps away from The Nest, team members can talk strategy while sitting across from each other on swinging benches, or they can climb to the top of The Bridge for a clear view of the entire floor and a place to sit and think.

The Bridge

A giant Puzzle and an even bigger transformation

The malleable space was conceived of as a collaboration between the Rosenthals and Louisville builders RJ Ronald Creative Design and Construction. RJ Ronald, who’s worked as a contractor in Louisville for over 25 years, says that the call from the Rosenthals began with a single request: “We want you to design and construct a creative work environment.” Brainstorming with RowdMap’s leadership, Rogers notes, is always a collective process, where many ideas make it to the table and then are worked through one by one until they’ve pieced together the perfect fit. In the two and a half months it took them to complete the construction, Rogers says, “We tried to create the functional side in our work and give some innovation [to the project].” Perhaps most significantly, he shares, “We had a lot of fun with this.”

Director of Client Analytics Liz Young, who’s been with the company for three and a half years and has seen RowdMap through three distinct spaces as they’ve grown, cites the biggest change in this most recent location as the company’s physical approach to its workspace. In the Magazine Street office, the RowdMap team is able to function as a single, thriving unit, while also maintaining the freedom to break off into smaller groups as the need to concentrate on specific projects and goals arises. “The biggest difference here,” Young says, “is the lack of physical constraints.”

Call Room

There’s also more intentionality where use of space is concerned. One example of this is the office’s many call rooms—wooden cubbies about the size of walk-in closets that have been individually painted and decorated by employees. They offer privacy and a noise-buffer for strategists and other team members who need to temporarily convert a communal work space into a more intimate professional setting.

Young identifies the back corner of the office, where couches, chairs, and a coffee table are configured in an arrangement appropriately nicknamed “The Living Room” as her favorite spot in the building. But with a space this versatile, that could easily change at any moment.

Next steps

Want to help transform health care? RowdMap is hiring Associate Client Strategists, Client Strategists, and Analysts. Apply today! Go to this link to find out how.

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