Jorge Serrano

When Jorge Serrano, a Louisville native, interviewed with RowdMap early in 2017 for his role as Associate Client Strategist, one of his first thoughts was that he didn’t think places like this existed in Louisville. “Nothing was moving,” Serrano said about his initial job search, “even with connections, even when I checked all the boxes, the process just dragged.” In fast-paced New York City and San Francisco, where Serrano worked before his return to Louisville, the recruiting process was more efficient. After repeatedly casting his line, finding a job here felt more like a waiting game. That is, until a professional connection suggested he might be a great fit for RowdMap. With this company – lean, fast and tech-oriented – the hiring process took just a few weeks.

“They appreciate talent here,” Serrano said, and his cohort of fellow hires still in their first year with the company agreed. Part of the reason the hiring process moves so quickly is because the organization is still relatively small. Founders Melanie Rosenthal, Burak Sezen and Josh Rosenthal are involved in the company’s day-to-day operations and stay readily available to their team.

City-first investment

Mac Davis

About 25% of RowdMap employees are native Louisvillians, and the Rosenthals, along with co-founder Burak Sezen, are proud to help bring talent to the city to help remedy some of the state’s brain drain. Their commitment to Louisville and its future growth was a major factor in headquartering their company here in Derby City.

The Louisville company is already having a big impact.

Mac Davis, who joined the team as a Client Strategist in March after working for a health care software company in Dubai, UAE, noted, “RowdMap is unique in the industry—no one else does what we’re doing. We’re literally bending the cost-curve in health care, which everyone thinks is nearly impossible. And yet we have success stories where that’s what we’re doing, and that’s what gets me really excited to wake up and come to work every day. We’re doing something here that other people think is impossible.”

Ben Frauhiger

The work is rewarding but challenging. Data Analyst Ben Frauhiger, who joined the team approximately nine months ago, was quick to point out a “greater sense of purpose and ownership over what we’re doing.” In his role, he explained, “I see my work influencing clients pretty immediately.” But, he countered, you also have to “be prepared for anything to happen.”

“It’s a steep learning curve,” Davis added, though it’s not quite sink or swim. “Failure is actually encouraged here,” he continued, “but it’s not okay to ‘repeatedly fail in the same way.’ We have the freedom to figure out how to be successful.”

Where initiative matters

Ashley Herbison

The biggest indicator of whether or not employees are the best fit for RowdMap is their initiative. “There’s no micromanaging here,” Serrano stressed, “We have ownership. If we see a problem, we fix it.” Davis agreed, adding, “We’re expected to perform and we have the autonomy to be successful, but we’re also given resources to help us be successful.”

This approach is one of the things that drew Client Strategist Ashley Herbison to her role in March 2017. “I immediately noticed how different they were from any other health care company.” Part of that difference can be credited to the fact that RowdMap takes a population health view over a patient health view. The other key factor is the company’s adaptability. “As the data becomes richer,” Herbison said, “we’re evolving to provide the most value to our clients.”

Katie Claiborne

For Data Analyst Katie Claiborne, who returned to Louisville after college to take a position with RowdMap in November 2015, “the chance to be a part of building a company” was the biggest draw. “I was ready to work really hard and to own my work, and RowdMap offered an opportunity to do that.” They also offered a way to tackle the urgent issue of low-value health care in a unique way, by “establishing a playful environment that puts our clients at ease,” Claiborne explained.

Growing vision, growing space

The evolution and flexibility Herbison experienced are what earned RowdMap recognition in 2015 as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and it’s also taken on a physical manifestation as well, in the form of a new location – an expansive open office the company is tailoring to meet their needs while tucked away on Magazine Street.

Because RowdMap’s new digs aren’t as centrally located to downtown conveniences as their former Main Street office, a fleet of bikes are lined up just inside the building’s entrance. Employees can head out for a spin to decompress or to reach food and coffee more quickly, and as long as they’re able to manage their project timelines well, they have plenty of freedom to come and go as they please.

“The flexibility is something I really value,” said Serrano, and that’s an element RowdMap’s leadership understands. To build a strong team, you have to be able to trust your employees, and that starts with hiring people who are a great fit for what RowdMap is doing—shaking up the health care industry in big ways.

Next steps

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