In early January, Kristin Senac left her native California home to move halfway across the country and become a Louisvillian. What brought her here?


The young company, founded by Josh and Melanie Rosenthal and Burak Sezen, uses an innovative and game-changing risk-readiness platform to provide medical economics consulting and data analysis to players within the health care industry.

Innovative developments on the horizon

The Louisville company is making big moves. Named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, RowdMap has been recognized by former White House Chief Data Scientist and Chief Technology Officer of the United States Department of Health and Human Services for its approach to open-data analytics. And even bigger changes are on the horizon.

This year, they’ll continue to leverage a key partnership with U.S. News & World Report, bringing together health care thought leaders from around the country to discuss best practices at regular workshops and events — all part of the company’s forthcoming Institute for the Delivery of High-Value Care.

For Senac, it was a glass-slipper fit from the first connection. “There was something so appealing about how everyone I spoke with [at RowdMap] truly and authentically believes they’re providing value to their clients and customers,” she says.

Before taking on her new role as client strategist, Senac worked in health care consulting for a boutique West Coast firm, which she describes as “a different mindset and a different culture. Oftentimes, you’d put 100 percent into every project, but sometimes you’d still walk away wondering if value was added for the client.”

But RowdMap is doing something distinct in the industry, and Senac picked up on the rapidly growing company’s “true value and benefit” right away. After accepting the job, she explains, “I was able to meet a couple of client strategists at a meeting in Los Angeles and really just see the client’s excitement about moving forward with RowdMap, off their benchmark. That was a really positive start for me before even getting on the plane.”

Another positive for Senac has been the company’s culture. “I know people always say company culture is important,” she says, “but they don’t always stand by it. And that is certainly not the case for what I’ve experienced so far here, in the best way possible.”

Senac elaborates on her experience, explaining, “What I’ve seen is that the people here work really hard, but they don’t necessarily work longer, they just work smarter. I like seeing that, especially coming from a billable hour, as a consultant. Oftentimes, there would be incredible inefficiencies, and that’s not how I feel anyone operates here.”

Client strategists needed – healthcare experience preferred

To help manage their explosive growth, RowdMap is looking to bring on additional client strategists, especially candidates with health care provider experience and an understanding of health plans and physician systems. Most importantly, applicants should be ready for a hands-on role that shakes things up — there are no TPS reports here.

Ryan Melander, a client strategist who’s been with the company since mid-2016, identifies RowdMap’s most critical attribute as its method of supporting and empowering employees. “You’re given the tools that you need to succeed, and you’re also given the independence to tackle problems how you see fit,” he says. “What’s great about that is you’re not limited by a corporate reporting structure or anything along those lines.”

Melander continues, “Our company is big and we have a lot of clients, and our clients collectively cover the lives of 100 million Americans. But, if I want to have a conversation with our CEO or our Chief Science Officer, Josh, then I can schedule that time or I can even stop by his door and ask him a question.”

Like many of his diverse and eclectic colleagues, Melander brings a variety of experience to the table. Before joining the team he graduated from film school, spent a few years working in the Los Angeles film industry and then went on to earn an accelerated MBA from the University of Louisville. He credits this background as giving him the tools he needs to problem solve and think on his feet. “I was used to working on a film set where something could go wrong at a moment’s notice and … [having to] immediately come up with how to solve that problem.”

Similarly, he explains, “At RowdMap every day is just a new puzzle; it’s a new problem to solve. There are going to be plenty of roadblocks, but because I had already gotten used to being on a budget and on a time crunch … it was something that was kind of second nature to me.”

As Melander has faced and adapted to these on-the-job challenges, the company’s flat hierarchy and genuine team environment have translated directly into professional growth and development.

Join a growing team at RowdMap

Melander shares, “I feel like being able to have access to the people who started the company, the people who really had this idea in the first place, and to get their take on what you’re doing and to have their support is invaluable, and it’s really something that has allowed me to grow tremendously in my career.”

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